Welcome to the Enchanting World of Pre-Primary at The MAIS School

At this tender stage, our foremost priority is to envelop each child in an atmosphere of love and protection, ensuring they feel not only at ease but also excited about their journey into the realm of education. The foundation we lay during these early years is paramount, fostering a sense of curiosity and motivation to explore their environment.

Constructivist Approach:
Our curriculum is designed based on a constructivist approach, empowering each child to become the architect of their own knowledge. We believe in cultivating a love for learning by emphasizing the connections between different subject areas.

Holistic Learning: 
At The MAIS School, we recognize the importance of a holistic education. Storytelling, play, learning musical instruments, swimming, dance, and drama are seamlessly integrated into the curriculum, alongside core subjects like science, mathematics, and social science.

Nurturing Curious Minds:
In the pre-primary school, our approach is centred on creating an environment where naturally curious minds can thrive. Through activities such as exploration, interrogation, and self-discovery, children concurrently develop language skills, grasp fundamental concepts, enhance socio-emotional abilities, and refine fine and gross motor skills.

Confidence and Motivation:
As we pave the way for these youngsters to embark on the adventure of learning, we aim to build confident and motivated individuals. By fostering an environment that encourages freedom of thought and expression, we set the stage for their seamless transition into the primary level.

At The MAIS School, the journey of learning begins with joy, curiosity, and a world of possibilities for our youngest learners.


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