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Education means to lead a child from darkness to light. It is the most powerful tool to change the world.


From the very first moment you set foot into the premises of School, you’ll feel an energy that’s hard to describe, and difficult to match. It’s a place where knowledge is lived, not just learned, Which in itself is an experience that will connect you with the countless opportunities of Education – in ways most schools can barely imagine.  


It is an absolute joy to see our children grow and a pleasure to discover the new things that they learn every day. It is natural for children to be curious, and when one is curious, he finds lots of interesting things to do. He keeps moving forward, opening new avenues and accomplishing greater heights of success. &nbsp

At School, we plan to engage children in a wide variety of activities so that they explore and experience new things, this helps us to discover their talent. Our aim is to cater to the need for a bright, Invigorating, and exhilarating environment. Our goal is to ensure that we understand every child’s needs, rather than just teaching what we want them to learn.  


School offers children the opportunity to develop their individual talent in a secure, caring environment and gives them a confident, happy start to school life. We welcome you to explore our school.  


-Shri Anil Balmukund Agrawal



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