Primary School

Embarking on the Journey of Primary Education at The MAIS School
In the Primary School phase at The MAIS School, we recognize the crucial period when children transition from their early years to a stage where they actively engage in what they love while grasping the nuances of right and wrong. This phase marks a significant step as they emerge from their secured shelter to socialize and explore the world around them.

Stimulating Cognitive Growth:
The highly developing brains of our primary students are engaged through exploratory and hands-on activities. These activities are designed to develop cognition, language proficiency, and psychomotor skills, fostering confident observers who can draw accurate conclusions from their experiences.

Interest-Piquing Lessons:
Our flexible and thought-stimulating lessons are crafted to maintain the interest of our young learners. We believe that cultivating an appreciation for education at this stage is crucial for their ongoing academic journey.

Nurturing Independence and Exploration
Awareness of Potentials:
Primary students at The MAIS School become increasingly aware of their potentials. Through a curriculum that encourages exploration and critical thinking, they learn how to explore and exploit their abilities in the right direction, gradually moving away from vulnerability toward independence.

Divergent Thinking:
Challenging experiences are integral to our approach, fostering divergent thinking. This capability allows our students to grasp various academic and non-academic areas, equipping them well for the transition into middle school.

A Pathway to Middle School:
Our primary education lays a strong foundation for the future. By emphasizing holistic development, critical thinking, and a love for learning, we prepare our students not just academically but also socially and emotionally for the challenges that await them in middle school.

At The MAIS School, the primary years are a vibrant phase of discovery, growth, and preparation, setting the stage for a fulfilling educational journey ahead.


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